Red Talon
self-re·li·ance (sĕlf′rĭ-lī′əns) n. Faith, confidence or trust in oneself and one’s own capabilities, judgement or resources.

Red Talon promotes self-reliance within the community. Our adaptive solutions focus on the “core components” of survival, medical, tactics, self-defense & protection, mobility, health & fitness, communications, and sustainability.

Through collaboration and practice, you’ll understand what works best for you. Red Talon’s Self-Reliance Alliance is a network of people sharing ideas. Its goal is to help people increase their confidence within the “core components.” We want you in the right mindset when you are out of your comfort zone. We want you to be unintimidated by the unknown. And most all, we want you to have fun while learning or practicing these concepts.

Become self-reliant in an unpredictable age with Red Talon.

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